Q: What is Genuary?

A: It’s a daily art challenge. Read about it here

Q: How did you learn to do generative art in R?

A: Just like how I taught myself how to do Data Science, I kinda taught myself how to do generative art too. Just trial and error and practice.

Q: Can I fork your art to learn/practice my own art?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Can I use your code for trademark purposes?

A: Please don’t; It’s licensed :) but thank you for asking!

Q: Why is the code for some days missing?

A: Because I’m terrible at keeping organized when crunched for time. I just had a baby and I’m shocked that I even completed the entire month AND that more scripts didn’t get accidentally deleted. Some functions I’m also working on for a package so not ready to share yet. I don’t have any plans to update the missing days though!

Q: Are you selling your art at some point?

A: Yes I am. Just need to adjust to having a baby. Expect a store announcement at some point in 2023.

Q: Where can I learn how to do generative art in R?

A: I have several meetups/talks and blog posts talking about this and there are others that have great resources:

Q: My question isn’t here

A: No worries, just e-mail me: